Updated 7th Mar 2019

Pembrokeshire Remakery makes use of funding help

The Pembrokeshire Remakery is a Community Interest Company operating in Pembrokeshire.  The Remakery aims to reduce the amount of household goods entering the waste stream by getting them fit for re-use and sale back into the community.

The group has saved just over 2 tonnes of household goods entering the waste stream. Fixed items are sold back into the community, providing affordable re-used items.  This equates to a saving of nearly 6 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from entering the atmosphere.  Re-use organisations play an essential part in achieving Welsh Government’s aim towards zero waste by 2050.

The group was supported by its local CVC, Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS), to register as a Community Interest Company and then to find out about funding options.  The Pembrokeshire Remakery is a social enterprise with opportunities for generating income through provision of repair workshops and sale of repaired or repurposed goods, but with a need for seed funding in its early stages of development.

A PAVS Development Officer spoke to the group about eligibility for funding and the need to be well-targeted in funding approaches to those whose priorities met with the group’s aims.  The group had not previously applied for grant funding.  The group made applications to local funding pots the Little Green Grant and the South Hook LNG Community Fund for community led grass roots projects to begin developing the activity of the group.  Both funding applications were successful and as a result the group has run a series of bicycle repair workshops in Pembrokeshire.

The group then went on to be successful in an application to the Leader pot of funding and has now opened a workshop in Haverfordwest.  The group also runs popular repair cafés where people bring along broken items and learn how to repair them.  The group recently secured another successful pot of funding through the Landfill Disposals Tax Communities Scheme.

The Remakery project is supported by the community through volunteer time and the donation of items.  It is a great example of an organisation with a healthy funding mix; some grant funding alongside a good solid trading base and business model.

The group’s top tip for applying for funding is:

Record your successes no matter how small as they all add up to building a picture of your project/organisation when looking for additional grant funding.